A new entry to into the world of light weight, large aperture Dobsonian Telescopes

Hubble Optics has launched their entry into the lightweight, large aperture Dobsonian telescope market with a 20”, f/3.7 at a special introductory price of $5,495.  Additional wireless digital setting circles and a GoTo system can be added currently for $199 and $1,995 respectively. Fully constructed, this scope (including mirror) weighs in about 90lbs, and Hubble Optics claim that the scope can be folded into a compact package so it will fit in almost any car.  As anyone who has looked through a scope of this aperture knows, the experience of viewing DSOs goes to whole other level.  You can find more information about the scope at http://www.hubble-optics.com/UL20.html.

Hubble Optics 20 inch

Hubble Optics 20 inch

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