Takahashi FC-76 DCU Review

The FC-76 Objective unit, the business end of the FC-76 DCU

Either added as the FC-76 Objective Unit upgrade to a FS-60 or created from component pieces, the FC-76 DCU is a very portable 3″ aperture travel scope with excellent optics. Being a split tube design, it will fit in an aircraft cabin bag that complies with the most restrictive of allowances. Click to read more

Opticron Oregon 15×70 Binoculars Review


The Opticron Oregon 15×70 binoculars are a capable observation binocular providing pleasing views of many deep sky objects with a price point that will appeal to advanced budget conscious astronomers as well as beginners just starting out. Click to read more

Think Tank Photo Airport Essentials Backpack Review


The Think Tank Photo Airport Essentials backpack is a high quality camera bag which complies with the strictest of airline cabin bag allowances and yet is capable of holding a substantial amount of equipment including small telescopes. Click to read more

Tele Optic Giro Ercole Alt Az Mount Review


With a capacity for an OTA of up to 8kg without a counterweight and up to 18kg per side with, the Tele Optic Ercole is an excellent choice for the travelling astronomer who wants to search out dark skies without additional weights as well as those with larger OTAs that observe closer to home. Click to read more