Analysis of Chelyabinsk meteorite yields size, energy, source and concludes Large Asteroid Impact Risk Underestimated

Chelyabinsk meteor capture

Two teams report in Nature their analysis of the Chelyabinsk meteorite estimating the energy to be 500kt equivalent of TNT and find a common origin, 2km diameter asteroid 86039 (1999NC43) located between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. Click to read more

Statistical analysis of Kepler data suggests 22% of stars have Earth-sized Planets in the Habitable Zone

Habitable Zone

A statistical analysis of all the data accumulated by the Kepler mission has been conducted to reach an estimate of the number of Sun-like stars that have potentially habitable Earth-size planets orbiting them. Their conclusion is “22% of Sun-like stars harbour Earth-sized planets orbiting in their habitable zones.” Click to read more

Black Hole candidate discovered in Globular Cluster Messier 62 goes against 40 years of thinking


A stellar-mass black hole candidate has been discovered in the globular cluster Messier 22. This potential discovery calls into question assumptions about stellar interactions within globular clusters which were thought to have resulted in the ejection of all stellar-mass black holes long ago. Click to read more